December 31, 2007

So6A gathering

Last day of 2007, J4s of RJC S06A gathered in RJC canteen for a mini get-together, with the teachers too! Then they headed off to S11, their favorite place for lunch when they were still in RJ.
Qiu Lian Ban Mian, one of the popular food among them.
Just a few hours more, they will become J5s. Wow, time flies. And RJ looks pretty different now, still renovating, getting prettier i guess. And each one of us is embarking on different paths, improving ourselves and making our lives more beautiful.

Im proud to be a Rafflesian. I really am.

December 29, 2007

17-Mile drive

17-Mile Drive

Bird Rock, which is the rock you see behind me, home to many shorebirds and sea lions And that's Daddy, the proud owner of Nikon D300 which takes fantastic photos.
All the rich people built houses overlooking this beautiful pacific ocean, and they dont even stay in theses houses, only come here occasionally on a summer holiday or something. And the houses cost anything from 10m to even 30m, 40m? Freaking rich people.

And this is the lone Cypress
Pebble Beach.
Golf Club for the rich.I wanna be rich too!


December 28, 2007

Me, Yvonne and georgina attended a trial yoga class at Pure Yoga. It was horrible, i almost died.

Jalan Kayu Roti Prata

I had a craving for roti prata and so Jiang drove down to Jalan Kayu for the famous prata which i had always wanted to try. But it's really not worth the time and money. can you believe we spent $19 on this meal? And the prata wasnt even that fantastic :( Jiang was right, hawker centre food all taste the same, the so-called best usually doesnt taste any nicer than those we can easily get from the neighbourhood. Restaurants, on the other hand, offer more unique food that we cant get elsewhere easily. So, no more hawker hunt for us . we had plain prata, egg prata, cheese prata, mushroom prata, and ice cream prata. I like the mushroom one, and i think the ice cream prata is such a waste of money. It tastes like crepe, not-nice-crepe.


December 27, 2007

I did very badly this semester. So, dont ask me about my results.

If you really want to know, my CAP dropped, alright?

December 26, 2007

Ne-yo Because of you Patrick Chen and Nicole Iovine

As you guys probably know, Dance2xs came to Singapore some time back and some of the Blast! enthusiasts attended their masterclasses. Joo teng taught us Patrick Chen's choreo and omg, it was one of the best dance class i've ever had. We danced to Because of You by Neyo, which is one of my favorite song of all times and the choreo was beautiful! Im so in love with the choreo and the song, i felt like i could dance to it again and again and again without feeling bored at all. I havent felt this way in a long long time - dancing to the same choreo without being able to stop, it's really things like this that remind me how much i enjoy dancing :)

December 24, 2007

Christmas eve lunch buffet

Christmas Eve Lunch Buffet at Town Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel, with Jiang!
the parma ham salad was delicious!
and i love the ham! smelly cheese
roasted chicken soup, tasted like campbell soup if you ask me
the salmon in champagne was heavenly heavenlyoysters, scallop. smoked salmon and smoked fish slices
i've never seen octopus cut like that!
ice jelly
Overall, i quite like the variety and quality of the food, but fussy Jiang thought it wasnt worth the money. Oh well, at least i enjoyed it :)

Have a wonderful christmas!

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